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"Having worked and collaborated with Joe many times in the past, I cannot recommend him more. Joe is one of those rare gems who has the ability to create astounding, slick and interesting work in a welcoming, friendly and approachable environment. Joe is a wonderful leader, collaborator and choreographer whose vast experience as both a performer and a teacher allows him to get the very best out of seasoned professionals and total beginners alike. Joe's creative and original eye for choreography alongside his excellent technical knowledge make him the very best sort of teacher, colleague and creative. His calm, nurturing and supportive personality brings out the best in everyone he works with and his work is always original, memorable and interesting to watch. His students and dancers always leave his classes feeling positive and inspired. Joe is fantastic - highly knowledgable, friendly and versatile and there is no-one I would rather be in a studio working alongside. I cannot recommend him enough."

Hannah Preece, Director and Vocal Coach

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