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A collection of skilled and trusted practitioners with whom Joe has had the pleasure of working during his career:

Photo: Gathering Voices/TheWorksTheatre


Hannah Preece

singing teacher/voice coach

Hannah is an absolute fountain of knowledge for all things voice and singing and has a proven track record of achieving amazing things with her students, prepping everyone from beginners through to professionals for auditions and jobs.


Emile Clarke

acting coach/movement director

Emile is a hugely experienced professional actor and teacher and has helped both students and professionals on their audition journeys for drama school and beyond.

Sophie Cottle Headshot 1.jpg


acting coach/movement director

Sophie is a multi skilled performer, teacher and director who specialises in making innovative and exciting work as well as drawing out incredible things from those she works with in both the studio and the theatre. for drama school and beyond.


Jennifer evans


Jen is a London-based headshot and theatre photographer with a background in acting. She is incredibly skilled at capturing multiple sides of people in a friendly and relaxed environment. 

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